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Chen Wei Ting

Master of Art Administration 

G.A.P.(Global Art Practice), Tokyo University of the Arts


Master of Art Administration

University of Taipei Department of Visual Arts, Taiwan 


Bachelor of Art Administration

Fu Jen University of Chinese literature, Taiwan


Wei-Ting Chen was born in Tainan, Taiwan. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a Master's degree in Global Art Practice. He spent his childhood on children book, and he liked to draw with poem. In Fu Jen University, he majored in Chinese Literature and started to write poems. For Chen, he thinks that the writing is a slice of life, and writing poems has become another way of making a drawing.


His works are mostly paintings with acrylic and oil pastel, often accompanied by poems that correspond to the visual parts and provide a hint. He always thinks that his works are showing the differences between children and adults. He also works with different medias, such as video art, performance, and sculpture. 


In recent years, he has exhibited overseas, including New York, Hong Kong, Spain, Dubai, Thailand, and Japan. He has been awarded the Shibuya Award in Japan, selected by CAF award, Geidai Art Fes (Tokyo University of the Arts) and selected by Japan Art Salon. His works are also collected by the Lihpao Cultural Art Foundation and the Taichung Dali Art Park. Currently he lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.  



Solo Exhibition

2023「Will See You Again」Humarish Club, Macau

2022「Passenger: To Falling Star」Over the Influence, Bangkok, Thailand 

        「One elephant walking toward another」Volery Gallery, Dubai

        「Paradise」Villazan Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2021「I don’t want to change You」Gallery Ascend, Hong Kong

        「Falling Rain」Jia Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

        「I Saw You Before」 GR Gallery, New York, American

2019「An Apple」 Lei Xiang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

2018「Partial Men」Songshan cultural park, Taipei, Taiwan

2015「Long Dream」Huashan1914 Creative Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan


Group Exhibition

2023「Komatsu Biennale 2023:Miyamoto Saburo Award」Miyamoto Saburo Museum, Japan

        「Komatsu Biennale 2023:Miyamoto Saburo Award」Setagaya Art Museum, Japan

        「Noobies」Noblesse Collection, Seoul, Korea

        「July 2023 Art Residency」The Fores Project, London, England

        「Art SG」Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


2022「CAF award 2022」 Daikanyama Hillside Terrace, Japan  

        「Exodus」K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong

        「Break in Emergency 3」 4BYSIX, London, England

        「Graduation Works Exhibition 2022」 The University Art Museum, Japan


2021「Doll House」Line Gallery, Beijing, China

        「Satellite Village」 Gallery Ascend, Hong Kong

        「De’Construction」 Toride Museum, Japan

        「Fresh」Padre Gallery, New York, American

2020「Art Kyoto」Kyoto National Museum, Kyoto, Japan

        「We burned, we lost and we still run as child」 Jxjbooks Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

        「Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2020」 798 Art Center, Beijing, China

2019「ART 021 Shanghai」 Shanghai Center, Shanghai, China

        「POPEYE 90th Anniversary exhibition」Joy city, Beijing, China


2018「Art Taipei 2018」TWTC, Taipei, Taiwan


2017「Art Taipei 2017」TWTC, Taipei, Taiwan

        「Nuit Blanche」 Taipei, Taiwan

        「Lin Yen Liang and Chen Wei Ting :home」diida ART BOX, Taipei, Taiwan


2015「Taipei Free Art Fair」 Huashan1914 Creative Park Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

        「Tagboat Art Fes. 2015」 HULIC HALL, Tokyo, Japan



Lihpao Cultural Arts Foundation (Taiwan)

Taichung Dali Art Park (Taiwan)



2023 《Writing Person》  

2016 《Room 913》

2015 《Long Dream》



2023 Miyamoto Saburo Award (Ryoji Arai Judge Special Prize)

2022 CAF Award (Contemporary Art Foundation)

         Shibuya Awards 2022 (Tomio Koyama Judge Special Prize)

         Art Vue Prize Fall 2022 (Special Mention)

         Tokyo Geidai Art Fes

         Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2022(Nominated)

         Japan Art Salon Award

2021 Shibuya Awards 2021(Grand Prize / Audience Prize)

         Tokyo Geidai Art Fes

2016 Taipei Poetry Festival(Honorable Work)

2015 Gary Baseman's exhibition in MOCA Taipei(Judges’ Award)



2023  The Fores Project, London, England

2018  Taichung Dali art residency, Taiwan




2021 「Kukikodan: Your and my wishes」Album cover design and voice recording

2019 「Ryoji Arai: Journey」Painting cooperation and exhibition curator 



2023 ARTNOW Magazine Issue 43

         Personal Interview in the TV Show “Breakzenya” 「Chen Wei Ting」

2022 ARTMAZE Magazine Issue 28

         Al-Tiba9 Art Magazine Issue 11

         Aesthetica Magazine Issue 108

         Artsin Square Magazine Issue 2 

         The Window of Arts Magazine「New Artists in 2022」

2021 Art and Piece Magazine Cover and interview

         Art Plugged 「Chen Wei Ting: I Saw You Before」

2019 Youth Magazine 「Popeye Group Exhibition interview」

         Illustration Magazine 「Scene: Arai Ryoji Solo Exhibition《Journey》」

2018 Udesign 「Chen Wei Ting Solo Exhibition:Partial Men 」

2017 ARTMAP cover「2017/11」

2015 M'INT art news interview 「Chen Wei Ting: What do you want to talk?」

         Personal Interview in the TV Show "Artists" 「Chen Wei Ting」

         Art plus 「2015/9」

         Big issue「2015.9.1」、「2015.3.1」

         ARTMAP cover「2015/09」、ARTMAP cover「2015/03」

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