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「We burn, we lose and we run as a child」DUO Exhibition by Chen Wei Ting and Lin Yen Liang 

Dear all,

It’s glad that announce my project with my friend LIN Yen Liang. This Duo exhibition is curator by our friend Wu Camille.

We will display some works such as painting, sculptures and drawings. You see some processes about works. Besides, we also painted the characters created by each other. It shows differences when we painted it.

Due to Covid-19, I can’t back to Taiwan for joining this project in gallery. However, we will hold an activity about sharing in 11/14. The detail will release recently. Please check for the Instagram or Facebook.

For me, this time I prepare some works that I never released before. And you can see some works such as <The Apple>, <The Freedom> and so on.

Hope that you all enjoy!

Best Regards

Wei Ting Chen


「We burn, we lose and we run as a child」

DUO Exhibition by Chen Wei Ting and Lin Yen Liang 

Date | 11/7 Sat. — 12/6 Sun.

Venue | 舊香居藝空間 @jxjbooks

Time | 14:00-20:00

Event |

11/7 Sat. 15:30 Opening Party 

11/14 Sat. Sharing

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Gallery email

Cry and Be Strong 2021, acrylic on Polystone, H39 cm, Ed.50

Dog with a bird, 2020, acrylic, colored pencil on canvas, 81x70cm

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