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 Chen Wei Ting

Master of Art Administration 

G.A.P.(Global Art Practice), Tokyo University of the Arts


Master of Art Administration

University of Taipei Department of Visual Arts, Taiwan 


Bachelor of Art Administration

Fu Jen University of Chinese literature, Taiwan


Wei-Ting Chen was born in Tainan, Taiwan. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts with a Master's degree in Global Art Practice. He spent his childhood on children book, and he liked to draw with poem. In Fu Jen University, he majored in Chinese Literature and started to write poems. For Chen, he thinks that the writing is a slice of life, and writing poems has become another way of making a drawing.


His works are mostly paintings with acrylic and oil pastel, often accompanied by poems that correspond to the visual parts and provide a hint. He always thinks that his works are showing the differences between children and adults. 


In recent years, he has held exhibitions overseas, including New York, Hong Kong, Spain, Dubai, Thailand and Japan. He has been awarded the Shibuya Awards 2021 (Grand Prize) and Shibuya Awards 2023 (Tomio Koyama Jury Prize) in Japan, and has been selected for the CAF award 2022 (Japan Contemporary Art Promotion Foundation), Geidai Art Fes and so on. His works are also collected by the Lihpao Cultural Art Foundation and the Taichung Dali Art Park. Currently he lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

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