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Partial People : Chen Wei Ting

Dear all,

Recently, I just made a video about myself.

About this video, I tried to describe in English and Chinese. I think it is difficult to speak in English so I made a subtitle to make everyone know. Hope that everyone could understand what I want to express. Moreover, I put some works that I never release before in this video and show my drawing and Poetry in diary. For me, it's important to mention my diary or I take it as my frequents.

Now I stay in Tokyo for studying my graduated school in Tokyo University of fine Arts. I took some parts about my studio. It is not too big but I enjoy this space. I like to post some card or notes around my wall. I think I will find some clues on those parts. That's the reason why I always displaying my exhibition with irregular arranging of works. It can describe some processes of creating.

Besides, I want to share works I created before. Someone know my work from paintings. I also like to create from ready made, such as teddy bear, vintage and so on, I think the connection of those toys is the childhood. I like cartoon that I can image everything become real and funny. I think that's why I choose some drawings into sculpture works.

After all, I am not good for describing in language. I prefer some hints not talk everything directly, You can think it by yourself when you see everything. We need to be a child, running, playing and being freedom.

Hope that you all enjoy it.

Wei Ting Chen

Partial People : Chen Wei Ting 局部的人:陳威廷(英文版)

Partial People : Chen Wei Ting (Chinese) 局部的人:陳威廷(中文版)

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